Saturday, April 18, 2015

April updates!

Hi guys!

Hope you all have been well!! I'm so sorry about the lack of posts (again...D: )!!  The erratic posting will continue probably until the end of May. >.< I've been super busy lately because......

* Class of 2015 :') *

I'M GRADUATING!!!!!!!!! :D

I plan on majoring in English with a minor in something(s) or double majoring.  I haven't decided exactly (only English is for certain), but I figure I'll have a while to figure it out. ;)

But honestly, whoever told me senior year was the chillest year EVER, has never been a true senior omg.  Senior year has been the busiest year I have ever experienced- like ever.  Along with the increase in homework (T_T) and wrapping up extracurriculars, there are last minute tests (CALC IS KILLING ME D:), college visits, AP tests, senior projects, and senior excursions. (And I got sick this week. Boo. )


I am REALLY REALLY excited to be graduating.  I think it's just so cool to think that this coming fall, I will be in a completely new place (maybe another state or country? ;) ), blogging, fangirling, and growing. It's like an adventure like the ones I read about in my books (and yes, I really, really have wanted to throw this cliche in for a VERY long time xD).

But even though everything's a-changing, this blog will remain the same- for the most part LOL.  I know I'll definitely start posting more; I have a stack of books just begging to be read, and for the time being, I have them hidden in my closet to avoid temptation.... Okay, fine.  Maybe I have one or two of them out,  but that's it!!  I promise.  Scout's honor (ooooh btw, is anyone else super excited for the sequel to To Kill A Mockingbird?!). :D

 I've also been thinking about redesigning, but I've grown too attached to all the random frogs and the pretty wallpaper green, so for now the blog's layout is remaining the same.  As for the tagging system, I think I've given up LOL.   I should have started with the tagging when I first started posting because this is honestly taking forever.  I think I'll just add a search bar, and just start diligently posting the links to the reviews on the tab for the list of reviews (which is sorely needing an update).  So please bear with me until the dust settles. ;)

And although I'm going to college and "growing up," (xD) I don't think I'll transition over into the Adult/ New adult fiction just yet (or maybe never? ;) ). YA is forever number one in my heart <3.

So yea! That's what's been going on in my life as of late. ;)

How about you guys? :D

Warmest wishes,