Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Teen Book Fest (Ontario style)

(From left to right: Aaron Hertzler, Kasie West, Elizabeth Ross, Maurene Goo, Katie Finn, Cecil Castellucci, and Michelle Levy) 

Finally!! YAY!! I've been like writing this post on and off this entire past week (and then some ;) ), trying to find a way to sound COHERENT, but I sorta gave up at the end. xD Hopefully, this post will make sense LOL.  I didn't really take that many pictures because contrary to how I am online (LOL), and I'm really, really shy around strangers, and I felt awkward about asking them about pictures. So mostly, I sat there during the speed date (which I'll get to later) staring, hyperventiliating, and trying to soak up their awesome author aura.


All in all?

IT WAS SO MUCH FUN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got there a bit late and missed the first half of the breakout session (boo D:), which sounded awesome.  We did get there on time for some delicious lunch (yummy Panera!), and I became friends with this cutie of an author named Kathy.  She was honestly just the sweetest person ever, and I found out her book (How to Be Brave) is coming out this November!!! I'm super, super excited for her, and if you wanna know what it's about, here's the link to my Waiting on Wednesday post ;D. So we chatted, and I asked her a bunch of questions,  while trying to hide how much I was freaking out over meeting an author face to face.  I mean I fangirl pretty hard when I talk to authors online (it's easier to hide though LOL; I just go back and edit my email responses to have less smiley faces, exclamation points, and omgs- but I still don't think I do a good job of it ahahaha ;)), so you can imagine me... face to face... with a real author *0* .

Moving on.

After lunch, there was this AWESOME AND TOTALLY FABULOUS THING  (okay well, it  was fabulous, but no matter how much my love life is sorely lacking, I wouldn't do it for like actual romantic dates LOL) called speed dating, which I had some vague notion of, but didn't actually know what it was.   Turns out, it was exactly like what the name stated: A SPEED DATE WITH ALL THE AUTHORS ON THE PANEL. So this is the part where I was like literally blubbering and turning red (no joke omg; I was star-struck *0*) in the face meeting all these authors.  But it was just GAH!!!!! (This is a good GAH btw. ;) ) I met SO MANY authors, like Katie Finn (I literally told her, "I read your book, that trip book, with Roger and that girl!!" then grinned while vigorously nodding my head. *face-palm*), Melissa Launders (who told us about her ADORABLE 6 year-old son omg),  Jessica Khoury (whose eyemake up was SO PRETTY), Michelle Levy ("So this book is about a young man's journey dealing with the aftermath of his mother's suicide and his father's abuse- oh and did I mention, it's a romantic comedy?"), Aaron Hertzler (who was so freaking hilarious!!), Maurene Goo (whose book I AM LIKE WANTING TO READ RIGHT NOW because the main character is a snarky Korean girl- and I am not snarky (I think?), but I am Korean, and it's hard to come across books with Asian main characters. ;)), and so many more authors!  This experience was honestly more exciting than the time I meant the cast of Percy Jackson- and you know that's something right there (in case you didn't know, I'm a Percy Jackson fanatic!!).

Afterwards, there were a bunch of breakout sessions (SO SAD I MISSED THE FIRST SESSIONS D:, but Ontario was confusing to navigate >.<), and I went to one called Reality Bites (the picture above is from that panel).  THAT WAS SO FUN AND HILARIOUS! The authors on the panel talked about their novels, themselves, silly stories, and reality (:D).  I think my favorite part was at the end where the authors gave advice to us aspiring authors (or in my case, editor ;) ), and how literature is necessary in order to be able to look through other people's eyes and see how they view the world.


I couldn't stay until the very, very end (I'd dragged my poor mother around with me (sorry and thanks Mom!), and she needed a break. ^-^ ), so I skipped the author signing, but there's another one in Pasadena (this May I think?) that I REALLY REALLY hope to attend (and hopefully the full day next time!!).

So yea! :) That was my experience, and I hope you enjoyed reading about it!

Until next time! ;)

Warmest wishes,


Em said...

SO AWESOME that you got to meet Morgan Matson/Katie Finn and Jessica Khoury! They are two of my favorite authors :-)
Thanks for the post, it kind of made me feel like I was there!

Em @ The YA Book Butterfly

Kyendwarrior said...

^-^ YES!! I love Morgan Matson! I haven't read any of Jessica Khoury's books yet, but they are on my TBR list!! :) Thanks for stopping by! :)

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