Friday, May 29, 2015

May Updates!!


Hi everyone!

It's been a loooong while, but I'm back! :)

I'm so sorry for the lack of posting! I've been really busy until recently with end of school year stuff, but now that it's officially summer (and I've graduated! Class of 2015 ;D), I'll be able to post more often- and READ BOOKS OMG.  I actually haven't been able to read ANY books lately (except maybe stuff for school), and I'm sorely behind- BUT I plan to remedy that this summer. :)

Also, I've officially given up on the tagging system LOL. It was just taking waaay too long (I think it's been a little more than 6 months now omg, and I'm still not half way done).  I'm thinking I'll just start adding tags to posts from now on, and for the previous ones, I'll just post each link onto the Review List Tab (which I am also extremely behind in whoops).

I do have summer classes, but I don't think (well, hopefully I pray is more like it LOL) they will be SUPER intense, so I'll be around for the whole summer :).  I'm mostly going to spend the next two weeks or so stalking-errr catching up on all my blogs (:D), organizing email (if you've sent me an email a while back, and I haven't responded, I'm extremely sorry! I haven't been able to check my email consistently, and I might have missed it. If I haven't replied yet, please resend it to me. Thank you! :) ), adding links, and reading reading reading! :) After those two weeks (or so :D), hopefully (yes I have a lot of hope ;) ), I'll be able to maybe make a solid posting schedule and go from there! :)

I hope everyone has been doing fabulous (as always!).  What are your summer plans? :)

With love,
Kye :)

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