Saturday, January 31, 2015

My Rating System

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So I realized (after a a little more than a year of blogging, oops) that I never officially explained my rating system. I sort of did in my Sarah Dessen author review, but never in a separate post by itself.  I meant to get around to it, but I got sidetracked, and this post got buried under other posts.  As I transitioned over to the tagging system, I found it again and thought it was better late than never! :) (Though my Latin teacher begs to differ and always says, "Better never than late!" lol).    My rating system is posted on the side and in the review policy as well.  

I like to put the number rating at the end.  Sometimes what I say in the review and how I judge the merit of the book (well merit of the book to me xD) in numbers is different. I can completely tear apart a book in a review, but at the end give it a high rating, because despite those issues, I really clicked with/enjoyed the book as a whole- and the number helps to emphasize that. Or vice versa.  I can talk about only good things about a book, but give it a low rating because it didn't feel right to me or I just didn't click with it.

Now, without further ado, here's my number rating scale (based on Goodreads):

1- I didn't like it.
2- It was okay.
3- I liked it!
4- Loved it!
5- Extra credit! Makes my all time favorites!

It's mostly straightforward except for the fact that my rating system is technically out of 4. 

*Yep, only up to Four. Sorry, Numbuh Five. *

In hindsight I should have rated everything out of four to begin with, but I actually didn't make my own official rating system (just used Goodreads' 5 star scale) until much later.  But technically, it's out of 4.  If  I give a book a five rating, a) it's super rare that I do, and b) it basically just got extra credit.  It was so good that it broke my scale. :)

Thanks for reading~! :)

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