Review Policy

Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to check out my policies. :) I appreciate it!

Rating system:


1- I didn't like it.
2- It was okay.
3- I liked it!
4- Loved it!
5- Extra credit! Makes my all time favorites!

*A quick explanation about the rating system:  Technically, my rating system is out of 4 stars. I don't give out 5 stars that often, and if I do, it means I felt the book was so awesome, it broke my scale. ;)

More info on my rating system here.


I take:
  • All YA Genres (Contemporary, Christian, Fantasy, Chick lit, Dystopian, etc.)
  • All Middle Grade Genres (Contemporary, Fantasy, etc.)
*Indie and self-published books are accepted*

I don't take:**
  • Graphic novels (comics and mangas)^^ 
  • New Adult fiction^^ 
  • Adult fiction ^^ 
  • Fanfics ^^
  • Non-fiction 
**Occasionally I'll make an exception, so feel free to send in an inquiry! :) 

^^ There is only one absolute no-no for me under these categories: novels that are too racy or too explicit. 

~~Also please note in your inquiry if this book is for a blog tour or just for a regular review.  If it is for a blog tour, during the tour, I will only be posting a review if I rate it three stars or more (but I will be willing to post other promotional posts, like guest posts, interviews, etc.) , and I will contact you in advance if I decide to not post a review.  However, I will post the review after the blog tour.~~


I take:
  • Arcs
  • Drafts
  • Review Copies
  • Finished copies
  • E-books

All reviews are our honest thoughts and musings.

I will do our best to review every book that is requested, but because of various reasons, this can be an impossible feat.  But send a request in anyway!:)  I will notify you if I can/cannot review your book.  

I usually take anywhere from a week to a month to review a book.  Usually, books that come in first are going to be reviewed first.  However, the exception is if you have a certain deadline you would like me to meet or if the book releases within a month or less. Please include this in the inquiry. :)

All reviews will include my thoughts, publication details, the cover art, numbered rating, and a short summary from Goodreads.  

Any questions or requests can be sent to the email below:


Please make the subject line BOOK REVIEW REQUEST

Include in your request:
  • Title
  • Genre and format of book (please refer to the info above)
  • Your name (and a short blurb about yourself ^-^)
  • Date of Publication
  • Short summary 
  • Blog tour or regular review (please refer to the info above)
  • Any additional notes (like if you prefer the review to be uploaded before or after it is released, where you want me to post the reviews- I post on Goodreads as well-, etc.)
  • Author website/blog and/or Publishing house website (OPTIONAL)
Thank you so much!!:)

If you have any questions, or if anything's not clear enough, feel free to send me an email. :)

I look forward to reading all your wonderful books!!! 

Happy readings~!:)

FTC Notice: 

Please note that I do receive advance reader copies from time to time.  I do not accept/receive monetary payment for any of my reviews.  Besides ARCs, I obtain books through the library or through personal purchase.  

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