Tuesday, December 22, 2015

I'm back!! (and I'm accepting book review requests again!)

Hi guys!!! :)
I am officially back in the States, DONE WITH FINALS, and OFF HIATUS!!

How I feel when people watch and comment on my YouTube Channel. 
Pretty much all I've been doing since I've gotten here. 

I've been madly trying to catch up on my reading and sorting through email (3000+...Oh. my. gosh.). The reading part I've got down pat (and will be sending some reviews your way soonish ;D), but the email situation... yea... I need to get back to it LOL.

But YAYAYAYAYAY! I'm a free woman!!!


....at least until the semester starts. D: But that's not until January, so not even gonna go there. xD Just a warning though, once the semester starts, my posting schedule will be super erratic (not that it's not erratic now LOL), so I apologize for that in advance. 

Aaaaaand I'm also back to accepting requests for book reviews!!!! This is what I've missed the most, and so I am super duper excited to re-open it again. ;)

I hope you all have been well, and I wish you all the warmest and Merriest Christmas that anyone can possibly dream of. <3


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