Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Fool's Challenge Day 5

Hi guys! Kyendwarrior here:)
This challenge is hosted by the fabulous Rachel over at 
Today's challenge:

What characters do you secretly loath, but don’t like admitting because they are so popular?

1. Gale and Peeta: They were so... bland.  (LOL mild way of putting my feelings for them. xD)

2.  Lissa Dragomir and Dimitri Belikov: It's been a while since I've read the first (and only) book, but if memory serves me right, I remember thinking how extremely annoying Lissa was and how illogical/frustrating they both were.  (I had issues with the book itself too, but I won't go there today. :))

3. Piper McLean: So I'm a huge fan of Percy Jackson, but not even Hera could make me feel the slightest fondness for her. Once you insult Percy by comparing him to Jason Grace (Jason's not even on the same universe as Percy- why is Jason even the leader anyways?!), there's no going back on my list.   I say we toss her off of the Argos.  Who needs her charmspeak when we have Percy's sarcasm and glueness xD?


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