Saturday, February 7, 2015

Book Title Poetry #1

(What better way to show off my new book haul than with poetry? :D)

If I stay
Just one day
Like moonlight at low tide
There you'll find me
The Lost Girl

(I promise next week's poem will be better lol. xD)

Technically, only The Lost Girl and Ensnared  (which I actually bought, but became impatient, and checked out the book LOL :D) are my part of my latest haul. I tried to make poetry with books that just came in the mail, but I gave up (no verbs!) and threw in some of my other books. ^-^  My book-buying ban was recently just lifted(YAY!!), so I might have gone a little crazy with the book ordering... xD.   As they all slowly trickle in, I'll try to make poetry with just the books I receive- but we'll see. :)

(PS: If any of you guys have done some book title poetry, I would love to see them! Comment below with a link! :) )

Warmest wishes, 
Kyendwarrior :)

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