Tuesday, September 9, 2014

300 Followers!! :D

Hi everyone!!:)
Hope your week is going fabulous. ;)


I know I just celebrated reaching 260+ followers, but I have now reached 300 followers!!!!

OMG!!!!  I'm seriously at a loss for words right now, and as you guys all know, that rarely happens (my long-winded reviews can attest to that LOL ;)), and all I can say is thank you, thank you, THANK YOU so much to each and everyone who follows this blog ;).  I couldn't have reached this milestone without you guys! :) <3

I'm unfortunately not going to be able to have a giveaway this time, but at the next milestone that comes around, I definitely want to do another one!! :)

If I could hug you all, I totally would. ;)

Thank you all so much once again!!

Lovely wishes,
Kyendwarrior :)