Sunday, September 14, 2014

Goals!! 10 reviews

Hi guys! :D

So it's been about year since I've been blogging (0.0) (determining the exact date/ month is a little complicated because I technically started this blog earlier, but didn't post anything for a while because I was still working out all the kinks and picking which reviews to edit/post, and then when I did start posting, after a few months, I switched emails to this official one, and then all my old posts kind of got repeated and smushed together into that month, and I'm not sure when to start counting?? LOL.), and I've noticed that as the year went on, the amount of reviews I did in a month became less and less. So for this month I've decided to set myself a goal of posting a minimum of 10 reviews.  I don't know if I'll be able to make it or not, but I'll never know unless I try! :)

This is more of a personal challenge for myself (sort of to celebrate a year since I started this blog? LOL), but feel free to join in (and comment below)! :)

Hope you guys have a fantastic week!!


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Zareena said...

I'm pretty bad at writing reviews because I read so fast and can't be bothered to take notes while I read, which I kind of need to do in order to write a good review. At the moment I'm trying to do at least one each week but September has gone past that minimum :) Good luck with your goal!