Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sidekick Showcase Wk 8

This meme is hosted by the fabulous Jaclyn over at JC's Book Haven!
The topic this month is: Artistic, Musical, Twins, Humanitarians, have or should have a motorcycle, Adventurer

My sidekick:  

Jeb from the Splintered series!!

He's artistic, and I'm like 95 percent sure he has a motorcycle.  ;D

Before I say anything else, I think I should make it clear that I am HEAVILY biased towards Morpheus. Jeb doesn't hold a candle to him, I'm not sorry to say.  And the second book just solidified that. ;D

BUT I can't deny that he was an awesome character in the first book (the second book... meh). He was complex and deep, and Alyssa had great chemistry with him. I'm kinda excited to see his role in the third book (I have a few suspicions...), but at the same time... Idk. I didn't hate him, but he was disappointing in the second book... and I REALLY don't want Alyssa to end up with him.  Also, I've been hearing about how the two main guy characters are similar to the Grisha series, like the Darkling to Morpheus, Mal to Jeb, and how AG Howard would pull a "Bardugo."  I was super conflicted over that "Bardugo twist." I loved it because of countless reasons that mainly have to do with emotions, but I hated it because... of obv. reasons if you've read the book. ;)  However, to me, Morpheus pulls different heart strings than the Darkling simply because I've honestly never met a character as deep, complex, brilliant, and awesome as the Darkling (maybe Luke from Percy Jackson comes close, but even he can't compare to the majestic character development of the Darkling... and I totally just betrayed my number one favorite book series of all time >.<), and though Morpheus is brilliant and complex in his own way, it's on a different level.

 (I guess this post digressed into a discussion on Morpheus and not so much Jeb... oops. Oh well. xD)


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