Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Color of Happiness

Author: K.P. Gazelle
Release Date:  March 1st, 2015
Publisher:  Radiant Books
Genre(s): YA Contemporary 
Pages:  157
*Stand alone*
~Spoiler Free~

Summary (Goodreads);
Faith Lane is the girl who has everything. At least, that’s what everyone thinks when they see her rocking a killer dress while laughing with her best friend, Tiffany. But Faith’s life is far from flawless. Her peers torment her relentlessly, and her parents expect her to be the epitome of perfection. Criticized and pressured at school and home, Faith retreats into silent acceptance and finds an escape in her passion of dancing. Then she meets Alex – quirky, forever with a pass, and concealing a mysterious secret of his own. And through his encouragement, Faith starts believing in her gift for dance and gains courage to stand up for herself. But will she be able to keep her footing when the events of one night consume her with the need to jump off the rocky cliffs near her coastal home? And what has pushed her to the edge of reason? 

*~Thank you so much to the author and publisher for sending me a copy of this book! :) ~*

Ehhhh. Not my cup of tea.  I just didn't click with this book, and towards the end, I found myself skimming. It was really boring, and I think it mostly had to do with the writing. It was polished, but perhaps too polished?  The writing was very matter of fact and wasn't very expressive; it was pretty straightforward.  I also felt like I was being overloaded with details- and usually this isn't a bad thing, but here, I thought it was a bit too much because there was a lot of telling and not enough showing.  

Also, there wasn't a point to this book (which again I thought had to with the writing).  I guess these types of books (where it's not driven by a solid plot, but by the lives of the characters) are what I would call "heart-driven," but that word would be a bit of an overstatement. This book was well-meaning, but I thought it lacked heart.    

In general, this book is pretty forgettable- and that statement extends to the characters as well. I hate to end this review without mentioning at least one good thing, but this book was just one of those books I didn't really care for all that much.

Thanks for reading! :)

Rating: 1.5 out of 5


Azee M said...

I also thought this book was very forgettable. There wasn't anything significant. It's such a shame though because it could have been better. The ballet theme also was not utilized to it's maximum potential to attract readers to it. In the end, this book just lacks plot and the character was just too plain for me to even note.

Kyendwarrior said...

YES I agree with you! :)