Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Commenting Haywire (sorta) resolved

Hi guys!
 I sort of sneaked this into my Waiting on Wednesday post last minute, so I've decided to make it into a separate post by itself. I finally found a way to comment on my blog! Yay! I can't, however, directly reply, and I still can't comment on other blogs hosted on Blogger- save mine.  I think it has to do with embedded page mode and  full page mode, which is what I changed to in order to comment on my own blog.  So until everything gets resolved a hundred percent, I will silently be stalking everyone's posts LOL.
Has anyone else dealt with this? If so, how did you manage to solve it? Or did it go away on its own? I'm so happy that I'm able to comment on my own blog, but I miss interacting with everyone on their blogs! 
If anyone has any advice or any other solutions, please comment! :)
Thank you!:D

Hope everyone has a fabulous week!:)

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